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another cliched love poem

what? another love poem
written to the sorrowful tune
of forever-gone kisses
and lingering hopes
of a rekindled affair
another few lines filled with
the sweet smell of her hair
those prominent muscles of his
the way she fit within his
broad shoulders
another sad stanza
about mistakes caught
too lateā€¦ always too late
for forgiveness
another few moments
wasted by words
of beautiful eyes, sorrowful eyes
tears streaming down faces
like those fountains
hidden behind ivy strangled walls
lost in gardens of sweet flowers
what? another love vanquished
by the disreputable force
of fate, perhaps, intertwined with
romantic intrigue of another.
another forgotten face
paused for a moment
as lost eyes gaze blankly, searching,
trying to remember
what they always had wanted
to forget
more wasted time
on another cliched love poem

20 Oct 08

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i love it
 — deadwinter

yeah!! the ramboling way u did it...fking great! Its 2 poems in 1! The beginning and end, and the ramboling structure r fully anti-love poem. The body is a love poem other love poems should b jealous of. I would say its perfectly done. Except maybe a comma after "another" in 24. I was thinkin u might b right, cus it should b a period and u have no periods, which is gd. i dunno
 — peoplescareT

i really like this! great job!
 — nickiblitz

But it is just that: another cliched love poem.  And that's OK, I guess; there is no law against such things, though, if I were King, I'd hack 'em all up and burn them to ashes: these poets, not just their poems (I am kidding....I'd only draw and quarter the cliche-ing poets, ha ha)
 — netskyIam

mind reading "If I could right this..." again? U saw it the way it was before, and i made a ton of changes...
 — peoplescareT

thanks peoplescareT. any other comments?
 — silentspring

enjoyed this
well written!
not what I was expecting at all...
 — shards