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Drunken Times

Sitting all alone in a jail cell of a home
Bottles and blood painting the walls
Beer and whiskey help me hold my own
Drunken bastards that exist for bars
I don't gotta problem, whiskey was the cure
I don't wanna solve em just so you can sleep
I don't got an issue, beer washed it away
the hours creeping by are all I need to drink.

21 Oct 08

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Not a thing wrong with this poem.  It may not be my cuppa, but that's because I look up and out all the time. The speaker here, is immersing himself in the black hole of hopelessness.  The thing I encourage all poets to do: get out and get under the moon; meet and greet strangers.  Even if homebound, as I pretty much am, I am never in want for companionship, nor do I lack for cheer.  This poem, if I read this kind of poem every day, would only suck life from me.  Is this want the speaker wants to do?  What good is moping, I say!  Look for the good things--they are many and they are vital for our well being as we run or walk, or even crawl, through life.  So I say: nothing "wrong" with this poem, except it examples why I don't much like most poetry about the speaker's ennui about himself.  LOOK at all you DO have?  My god, the internet! Nobody needs to feel alone.  Call me if you like to hear a friendly voice?
305 666 0777 and no ans. machine, it's a land line, and no caller ID, anonymous for you.  My name is Reid.
 — netskyIam

i liked your usage of uppercase characters
 — chuckle_s

Thanks netskyIam. The thing is... I really am a happy person. I was at a friends house when I wrote this listening to their band and trying to figure out the bass line so I can play along... It just all came to me. I seem to write dark poetry even when I am happy... and thank you chuckle_s
 — Porcelain_Lo

This is how I used to feel when I drank, so I stopped, and am much better for it.  I like the poem, by the way.  It says alot.
 — PaulS

Thanks. I really don't drink all that much... just feel the need to point that out.. but thank you for the comment. :) I'm glad you like it.
 — Porcelain_Lo