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Consorting with Hobbits and Wizards

The rain came suddenly;
not the kind that might tempt you
to don a raincoat
and join it for a morning walk,
but a monstrous rain
remembered from childhood.
It hissed and growled,
pressing its ugly maw against
the window saying,
“there’s no place outside for you today.”
So I heeded the warning and drifted
back to the child of myself.
All morning and afternoon
I roamed Middle Earth
consorting with Hobbits and Wizards,
dining with Kings, dancing with Queens.
I learned the language of Elves.
I stood on the parapets of man
wielding a mighty sword against
tyranny, evil, and injustice;
carving a heart
into a heartless land.
That evening, cocooned in the comfort
of soft sheets, bathed
in the blaze of a white moon,
I thought how wondrous it would be,
if each morning
I could strap on my armor
and carry the luminous light
of childhood magic
into the darkness of the world.

25 Oct 08

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1xd10, 1xd20 and 1100 XP.

this takes me back to the early 80's. i enjoyed it. thank you.
 — raskolniikov

this takes me back to last saturday. i enjoyed it. thank you.
 — onklcrispy

takes me back to all those days involving a couple friends and playing some random sowrd-and-magic type game... with our own characters.. and borrowing from anime series... and final fantasy games... and using sticks for swords, very nostalgic for me. delighted that you wrote it.
 — spenceappeal

Thanks for the comments rask, onklcrispy and spenceappeal, I enjoyed writing this.
 — PaulS

I always liked this poem.
nice to read again, Paul.

(the "and's" are my only nit in L8(then change to "pressing"?, and in L16 & 24).
thanks. =-)
 — jenakajoffer

I need to go find the Sword in the Stone books that my children left behind.  This is so very good.  I have no nits at all.  
 — Isabelle5

Thanks Jen and Isabelle.  Jen, I'll think about your suggestions--I have to read it out loud to see what it sounds like with those changes.  
 — PaulS

Jen, I made the changes you suggested, thanks.
 — PaulS

I really don't know what to make of your comment clmt, but thanks for reading.
 — PaulS

Clmt, it would appear, is a man unto his own
 — syrossoul

Thanks for reading syrossoul.
 — PaulS

 — PaulS

|8 pressing
|9 comma after window
|10 change period to semi, outside brackets, or leave as is and delete So from |11
|11 comma after warning
|13 comma after morning, comma after afternoon
|26 wondrous is a bit wonky. although i understand it sounds better than the pedestrian-though-more-correct wonderful
|29 luminous light is an horrible redundancy
 — unknown

Thanks for the read and comments unknown, but I don't need most of the commas you speak of because "and" is the connector in those lines.
 — PaulS