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Andro Tax: in love with my god; anticipating one of two outcomes.

i. DEAR GOD, I LOVE YOU. come over to my holding hand:
thank you for th' brain before my nerves. good favors for the string in my fingers
i have been allowed to feel th greatest sadness, thank you my lord, for keeping me lonesome between my ears, without any other.
thank you for th compass, now i am unmoving and happy, also without any other. i suggest that i will die th same way, so be it
i have thought about suicide, i nearly became resolved
ii. when a woman touches my belongings i feel very nice,
i think women are beautiful things,
never been comfortable bein called she
don't want long hair, except if it is on my lover
i love their lotions but not in my own hands, to be beside them while they groom, a thing i do not understand
i expect that i will grow into a gentleman

10 Nov 08

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