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A Taste of Time

We touch upon the past,
have a taste of time
and ring hollow-
Love lives on
so forgiveness may follow.

In memory of J. Langley, 2006.

17 Nov 08

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Artistically told tale of love and loss.  Did this person die or just move on in his life?  That waterfall line somehow makes me think of death.
 — Isabelle5

A few minor changes-switched around a few prepositions.  Happy New Year, every-1.  :-)
 — starr

happy nu-year Starr :-)
 — unknown

We both moved on, however, we both exposed one another to new kinds of lifestyles, which was ultimately and mutually beneficial.  Of course, he won't admit it, but I've realized it early on.  :-)
 — starr

This is really, really good, starr.  Diction is right-on.  Stanza 4 really struck a chord--it's placed perfectly.  write on man, write on:)
 — PaulS

Thanks, Paul!  I hope you have a great 2009, and yes, I will "write on" (at least I HOPE to.)  I think I need a break for a few months.  My best to ya, buddy!  :-)
 — starr