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St. Mary's Primary School- 1954

Down to assembly swiftly march,
white cotton shirts, stiffly  starched.
Sun lit portrait of Her Majesty the Queen,
darkening shadows flit in between.
Afternoon stories, nursery rhymes,
snakes and ladders for wet playtimes.
Slide headlong through the shelter shed,
grazing elbows, banging heads.
Screeching chalk across a clouded slate,
rag ball kicked against a goalpost gate.
The gold downy hair on Sarah's arm
unfamiliar frisson of sweet alarm.
Names cut deep inside our desks,
two eggs brought in from the starlings nest.
Nearer to me than yesterday,
ever so close yet far far away

23 Nov 08

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got you some bad rhythm son
 — unknown

Got you some bad sentence structure unknown

Larry illiterate Lark
 — larrylark

It's not perfect but it's quaint, like something you'd find in an old book of nursery rhymes.  Imperfect but with a good amount of charm.
 — Isabelle5

nostalgia is a tricky path to walk - the poet in this does it well..

lines 13 to 16 are testament to this..
 — Mongrol

Similiar to what 'Mongrol' said, reading this just brings back those early days in such clarity. This poem acts as a reminder for every emotion, sound or sight experienced back then, even if it was more like 2001, rather than 1954.
 — Squibble

An Isabelle

Nursery rhymes, what golden charms they weave into the young and unformed mind.

Larry old and deformed Lark
 — larrylark

Thanks Mongrol

I am misundersttood by all but you and i salute that.

Larry the lonely beast Lark
 — larrylark

Gosh Squibble

Have you been living in a time warp or are you fresh out of school with your early youth still resonating in your mind. Unfortunately, being an oldster, I have to invent that part of my life as you can see here.

Larry memories are made of this Lark
 — larrylark

Actually... it was a time warp, I was actually born in 1732 so... bit of a scientific spectacle really.
 — Squibble

Hi Squibble

I have been working on a machine to travel back to the 60's of my youth but unfortunately i made it to big and i can't get it out of the front door.

Larry marooned Lark
 — larrylark

i got bored
 — unknown

Well you should have paid more attention to your lessons then shouldn't you?
 — larrylark