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Howling at the Moon

"i ate your grandmother.


want to be friends?"

having been raised by
                               the wolf,
        i have
[to mimic] the things
that those who are loved
get to learn
                 like how to smile in a photograph
                    how to pick the best avocados
he wants/thinks
"we are two wolves in a cave"
lunacy in closets
pave way for [moonless] nights
as he realizes
i'm still
  little red riding hood
death rides a horse
i'm racing him to the finish line
                                                     in green stilettos
"the wolf has fallen in love with you,
i've eaten your grandmother, and i'm sorry
i don't have to do the bad thing
i'll satiate my hunger
with your basket of goodies."

26 Nov 08

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i hate the HTML blockers on this website.
 — Aziel

nice poem and funny
i think the consistency of approach is a real asset in this one. sometimes poems will have a tendency to jump around a bit as writers get ideas as they're writing, but this one has a real good focus to it, very pleasurably strong to read. i'll suggest maybe that line 11 wants thinks could be one feral-assed furball of a word if merged
nice words
 — chuckle_s

Haha, l11 was an editing error.  Thanks!
 — Aziel

 — Aziel

hey i like this one too very creative....
 — brother_sun

 — brother_sun

[cryptic]Hrmmm.... is it a coincidence.... well if it isn't, thank you.
Anyway, I'm not familiar with how to read this kind of poetry with the breaks it makes, the turns it takes...
 — UpAndDown

I like what you've done here, aziel.  It is very creative and, for me, works on many levels.
 — PaulS

sorry, i should've been more clear. i meant that wantsthinks would've been cool?
 — chuckle_s

hey i wonder was this inspired by radioheads' wolf at the door?
 — brother_sun

if so i love it more!!!
 — brother_sun

Its more of film in my mind than a song, i really like line 13.. very clever.
line 7 throws me off a bit,
but ill just get used to it.
 — rainydaylove

What throws you off about it?
 — Aziel

I've experimented with the scattered, fashion magazine style and though I've moved past it, I still like it every once and awhile.
 — aurelius

 — Aziel

bump bump
 — Aziel

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