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Down Sizing

We set up our own small tee pee
without mod cons, except objects
we could not be without;
fruit salad can opener, mini freezer,
slacks press, Radio Times,
framed picture of our garden gnome
reciting nursery rhymes,
who would not leave our home,
stayed stuck in the middle
of our manicured lawn.
We are better off these days
in the spiritual sense,
and grandma's breathing
has slowed to a stop.
We listen to Radio 4
instead of hearing it.
Eat more barbecued food
and a man is coming to fix
the old boiler next week.
Its little things we miss.
Sainsbury's, the neighbours rows,
the domestic bliss of lying on the roof,
reeking in our dressing gowns.
We've been down here now for a while,
and I'm pretty sure that soon
we'll get to like it.
She's already thinking extensions,
Last night she mentioned bringing  
in some rustlers and Indians as lodgers,
so we can afford life's little luxuries.

10 Dec 08

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Hey larrylark!

I found a constant rumbling chuckle bouncing out of my mouth as I read through this poem, I've only read through it once so as far as searching for a deeper meaning goes, I haven't. All I know is that this poem, at first glances, is an incredably quirky one, the last stanza its self is brilliant, it left my giggling and scratching my head in confusion at the same time.

Squi... constantly impressed ... bble
 — Squibble

Hi Squibble

I still havn't gotten over meeting a member of PC in the flesh so to speak and thank you for kindly regarding this piece of superficial dross. You can see due to certain domestic difficulties that i could go no further than i did with this, not at present having the time. I hope to return all guns blazing in the New year

Larry Vox Pops Lark
 — larrylark