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The Tit of a Witch

I'm waving the flag of carrots
on a pastor's stolen lawn.
I'm thinkin about the parents
of my friends all dead'n gone.
They're horrified and locked inside
and even the sky is gone
I'm thinkin about the fun they had
before th girl was mom.
The river is moving heavily
in the wrinkles of my brain.
The women don't move me tenderly
they just think that I'm insane.
They're studious and guilty
of the nights when they were stewed.
And I'm th' one drinkin heartily
in an idiot's saloon.
Th platinum hyporisy
of college-hungry cows
does kick me in the lower back
and move me to a bow.
I kiss their shoes and drink their booze
and put on a circus show.
They slip me some amphetamines,
they use me dry I know.
A tooth in the mouth
won't move with you
when its nailed to a board
you lose your tooth.
Religion will come
when you outgrow your shoes
and you'll suck on the tit
of a witch.

15 Dec 08

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Bump.  Worth another look
 — Haxxen

yes. definetely.

nice rack.
 — DeformedLion

Good Lord

the tit is gonna take some time to place in the rest of the poem
 — ash_toddler