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Blue Jay Boy

I saw you,
dazzling against the
shifting clouds;
you dove with a death wish
and I was shocked
at your ability
to live.
I wanted to have you,
own that piercing blue,
that shock of cerulean.
I watched you land like a king,
standing tall
beneath your feather crown.
I came closer
to get a better look;
still and hungry,
there was blood in your blue
and I realized  
I was the only one
stupid enough
to try and touch you
before you'd had your fill.

17 Dec 08

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Beautiful, why not take credit, Unk??
 — unknown

Appreciated unk, I accidentally posted anon, oops!
 — sherains

'blood in your blue', nice turn
 — unknown

Excellent. I love this all the way through, nothing I'd suggest that could make it better.  
 — Isabelle5

Ah! cerulean is my favorite color.  I like what you've done here, sherains.  Nice work.
 — PaulS

Thank you for the compliment Isa!  And Paul, yes I love cerulean as well ( -:
 — sherains

so is this someone who is really old?
or just somebody with a navy dye-job?
i dont think its too common anymore but i still refer to the odd granny on the highway as "bluehair"
"shock" is also a manner of referring to an errant chunk of hair
perhaps the person in question is of noble stock? "blueblood"
 — chuckle_s

chuck-i did intend 'shock' to be read in that way, as for old and nobleblood, the bird in this piece couldn't be farther from that lol.  Why is it the hair had a blue tinge, surely the grandmas couldn't have been going for that look??
 — sherains

all hail google

"A blue rinse is a dilute hair dye used to reduce the yellowed (or translucent, showing scalp colour) appearance of greying hair on older women. The ability to see blue decreases with age, so an older woman perceives her uncolored hair to have a yellow-tinge, and the blue rinse brings the color back to a perceived normal color in their eyes. The blue rinse supposedly makes yellow-white hair appear blue-white, but an inexpertly applied blue rinse will leave a distinctly unnatural tinge behind.

The phrase entered popular culture as a term for elderly women, the blue rinse brigade. An alternative term is "blue hair." It has declined in popularity with the increasing popularity of home dyeing, the reduced prevalence of smoking (which yellows the hair) and with society's more relaxed attitude to ageing."

 — unknown

praise be the google gods!
 — sherains

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