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onkleidoscopic rainboowk

lined on a shelf, multicolored band;
wide-range, feeling strange --
what is it? what is naught?
termites are meant to rot...
here is where we all belong;
there we are long gone but
where really, mind silly?

written 12/26/2008
@ http://poetrycritical.net/forum/read/169054/

thanks, onklcrispy.
: )

27 Dec 08

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i guess..
: )
 — fractalcore

interesting. it begins with images, then ends with nonsense. not nonsense in a bad way... it's amusing to read, and all flows well as far as poetry is concerned. just doesn't mean anything to me personally.

no thoughts on how to change it, but i will most likely check back to see if any changes happen, and to see what they are.

i have long been a fan of onk, ever since the days of AEOS.

onk's writing is also kind of nonsensical to me, but still wildly imaginative and full of vivid images. so i love it either way. just like this.
 — mould_jesus


great title.
 — mould_jesus

well, onkl is f*ckin crazy, man, and his writings are a fun and
challenging read. this piece here is a comment to a thread he
started in the forums.

thanks for reading.
and nice tattoo, too, AEOS.
: )
 — fractalcore

thank you.
 — mould_jesus

you know, that's the only picture i have of that tattoo. and it's in dim light right after i got it (look closely it's still bleeding in the picture).

i should retake that picture and replace it in my profile.

maybe the tattoo looks better now. who knows, it's on my back and i can't see it.
 — mould_jesus

maybe the girl on your back has grown
more beautiful by now, hehe.

so go ahead post a new picture.
: )
 — fractalcore

she has.

and i'll post one as soon as i can take one.

but that takes a camera that i don't have. modern technology has granted me a cellular device with a decent camera on it, but it still isn't good enough to beat the picture i already have.

oh well, we'll see what happens in the near future.
 — mould_jesus

que sera sera, mould_jesus.

can't wait to see it.
: )
 — fractalcore

whoa. this is fucking great! i print it out and take it with me! thonks!
 — onklcrispy

ey, onkl.

pleasure's all mine, man.
i know this doesn't give you enuf justice
but someday i will...find a way to read
your poetry and understand it.

you're f*ckn' crazy.
; )
 — fractalcore

Uhm...i maybe a little slow here so would you min telling me what this stuff is all about?  Didn't quite get it.  Sorry fc.
 — happymole

so sweet and short! nonsense, but i love it
 — faith

hi, happymole.

i think what i did there was to
work on and then around the
images/metaphors in S1.

the same images are reinforced
with parallel thoughts in S2 to
achieve a simulated feeling
akin to that feeling you get
after reading an onklcrispy

: )
 — fractalcore

hi, faith.

yes, thank you.
you should read onkl, too.

: )
 — fractalcore

by the way, you have officially become my favorite poet on this site.
 — faith

that's so sweet, faith.

i try so hard to write 'cause it's never
easy to write poetry when you're in the mode
and mood and the situation means i'll die if i don't.

just have faith in yourself that you'll be
there on some PC pedestal someday soon
and people like me will be in awe of you.

it's a never-ending learning process for me and
every piece i write is an indication of me getting
dumb and learning everything all over again.

thank you.

: )
 — fractalcore