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i. An open letter to tarantula

-1. Man! The diamin' jihad, you naughty old man by now. In order to hold you entirely in my mind, I've had to expand my own by several inches. For this I thank you, my figment phantom, secret hermaphrodite. V'met in coupla dreams I bleave.
1. Man! How many hours were used dry with your eyes on the body of a woman to wonder of the feeling to be so like that, like she is a liquor vessel to get you drunk. I know those tongue glands like fountains and the teeth like have to dam it don't they. Man, if you ever been a woman in dreams my god, you know what its like to be holy isnt it.
2. The Day I met You: It was overcast, I was driving myself on flesh wheels over the garbage. The horizons were the mountains but they musta been mud for once. and I blinked twice & saw your face draped across four hotel windows (t my right). The werds underneath did read 'this weekend only here is He,' and good god I steered myself into that parking lot, because nothin else might be so crucial, like the Super Surgeon cranked my neck that way and that was the steering wheel. i didnt even make a decision
3. Nex thing I know I'm in this hotel lobby speakin with the secretary, and I feel like an eager fan because her hair is blowing all over. I'm lookin fer -- she completes my sentence -- he is here under the name Poteet , she says, POTEET like so petite, and its like sitting between her front teeth.
4. Well then says I, should I ask? she says what fer. I says (believin shes playin tits with her eyes on mine) for the room number where Poteet is keepin? She says its the basement, you can't miss it, its exactly down, and the stairs are behind her.
5. I don't remember going down the stairs because I became automatic with lust and my eyes dilated to swallow the room. Immediately to the bottom of the stairs it was shadows that came up to my ankles. I saw human movement (as opposed to!) and my loins took over my legs.
6. From behind a cement support you are revealed: I first saw your likeness on the face of your young child (he had wrinkles.) There was another of the same, taller, beside him. And in full view, there you are, Old Holy: I am overtaken, I forget language: I make a stuttered utterance, and in my humility I forget to walk. Lunging, I know only gestures, and I take your hand to my lips. O grand holy luminous father, I know I shouldn't make you that way but lets become Frank together: I knew nothing before. i can only be honest to say it, and it feels like peeling down to reveal my knees to the pews!
7. anyway after a few questions i was fondling your breast and licking. my grandmother over my shoulder disapproves but I cannot quit with my mouth. i am humiliated and ravenous for your flesh, a parentheses.
8. If the skull is a house I do harbor three men: There is Kurt, Allen, Andy, and now do I welcome you, ye with a three letter name. If you want I will gladly expel the others with a swift sneeze.
In Kinship and Welcoming,

2 Jan 09

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