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stepping toward satori, pt. 3

so ive been thinking lately
in verse like i had
a sketch pad for a brain
ive stood in places
long enough to grow roots
no motivation
try to connect
my index finger and thumb
eat something if they touch
something light
hey birds fuck
because it feels good
one told me so
chest puffed out real big
i am not intimidated
i dont have a problem
with the every day
it treats me well but
leaves me time to
come up with questions
id rather not have thought up
voice in my head
said never let them know
what goes on in here
when i close my eyes
its nothing but
random number generators
i dont imagine ill be
sleeping on the floor
any time soon
one, my ribs act
like a bad support system
i picture a rocking chair
made of bone
and when i sleep on my back
lucid lucid lucid
im getting a text message
from a house with three windows
no doors, telling me to turn around
its lonely well fuck right
but im trying to sleep
hard headed
expect a ten minute lag
between my synapse jump
while i decide whether
its worth the electricity
static cling
like im hugging
a pile of nonexistance
so why do i feel
like im in motion?

11 Jan 09

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