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Youth *("OBama Tribute")*

What is young?
And what is youth?
Dancing between nothings.
Always reposed, always remade.
Love nothing say with shy voices.
Play love with someone unimportant.
All of my life has been in the same place.
Wherever the location, my existence is now.
The dust beyond dust beyond atoms, beyond etc. (Nothing! Consciousness!!)
I feel them in my imagination. My mind is powerful.
Seeing the ocean. Life seems epic. Nothing terrifying.
The ocean of It, existence, and the seas of man,
Death is epic to me, the end of me. No I.
I have not lost the dancing. Only love.
Infinity is infinity at any point truth.
And behind my eyes is that youth.
And so are you, and everything.
Nothing is ultimate death.
But I am now today.
Death in Life:

20 Jan 09

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As an oldy who has been through periods of hope and a number of times when the mean spiritted abuse of privelege are reason for despair I must say you are absolutely right about this... I wonder if this is the wisdom of youth  or experience speaking?
 — unknown

this is  true poetry, heartfelt, magical, whimsical, with love and humanity steeped between every intention between every word
 — OKcomputer

just kidding, the title gave me a preconceived notion.
 — OKcomputer

Ok computer.

Unkie known, I know what you're thinking. Say no more.      ;)
 — MattPat

what's up with the title: is barack now revealed to be 1/16 irish?
 — unknown

The dudes a Globalist S. cumbag! We are all phucked.
 — MattPat