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Fuck me until death do us part

I'm not quite sure if I did so(u)le right.

The song your heart sings, from the depths of its extremities
lends itself deeply to the chorus of the stride of the shadow
     -the one that creeps along the stairway to the cellar-
So intense that its so(u)le existence shudders away
the ghosts that creep up in the night to overcome
      -triumphing above locked away vaults of scary secrets-
your greatest fears enveloped in crystalline powder
or resting in the bottom of an empty Jack Daniels.
     -your heartache lying in the bottle of epicac hiding in your bottom drawer-
you send hurt to heaven in a white cloud of smoke
fuck all your secrets into used up condoms and dollar bills
fall asleep to the lull of white noise on your stereo
     -you're slowling dying, letting those secrets overcome-
But each ensuing day proves that the answers come contained in a capsule
and life consists of the mantra:
      -fuck me until death do us part-

29 Jan 09

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 — OKcomputer

well I wasn't sure which sounded better. sole or soul?
 — dreamingstar

wish I could see the suspended comment..
 — dreamingstar