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he lived beneath the leaves under a tree in a brook. he eats  rabbit excrement and gets fat. because he's tiny and rabbits poop there. his favorite color is green. he likes to poop underground.
on a glorious golden day he emerged from the leaf hut where he dwelled.  he gathers four pieces of feces for his breakfast. the rabbit that had left the excrement approached bob. “why are you gathering my private excrement?”
“I am a hungry man.”
and the rabbit took bob between his teeth and gnawed him down to the ankles. in a few days bob became rabbit excrement.
bob’s gnawed knob paws bathed in the babbling brook.

prduct of a discussion with two children

29 Jan 09

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haha, this is a great little story.

although the recurring excrement gnawed at me.
however, there is also something dry and humourous about the consistent repeats.
 — jenakajoffer

yes, the recurring excrement was gnawing at my paw knobs too, but thats how they insisted the story went.

"are you sure that's what happens?"
"yes! and he eats the poop!"

i dont think i'll be keeping this up for very long but i thought i'd share the genius of two ripe rivaling sibs
 — OKcomputer

kind of nowhere as writing, so it'd have to exist on some phantom blog level to get a laugh -- but, the kind of blog where it's all distraction, full of links to the music you like and the comedy blogs and the films. nothing about literature though, cause that's not what you want people to think you're writing.

if you want to be smart about this -- writing-wise -- imagine it in sections, with each section having an illustration. that'll show you what doesn't work in this and what does.
 — geckodrome

 — DeformedLion

i like your humour & the kids
 — unknown