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I live in a house on Sheridan.

I live in a house on Sheridan.
In the morning, light pours through
the window as the sun rises over the lake,
but I do not see it every day.
The alarm always goes off at the same
time. It doesn't follow the sun.
And so in the peaks of summer
and in the depths of winter
I wake into the light or into the dark.
But when spring comes or fall is almost over
I wake to that special golden light
that makes all other mornings worthwhile.
One gets used to summer and
gets used to winter, but
when the seasons change,
I know the sunshine will carry me through.

I've only recently started. I appreciate all of your comments.

2 Feb 09

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i lived in a house on judson. it was sad. there was a roof. when it got dark there was no sun outside. i used to have to go to the planetarium just to get a sun tan. once, when the planetarium was closed, i went to one of the wright houses in oak park. it was. now, in my twilight years, i can hardly see the screen, and i'm wondering why you are interested in sheriden's march in georgia? sherman wasn't even interested.
 — geckodrome

hahahahaha mike ;)
 — OKcomputer

I see what you're getting at, but I think this could be a fine little poem if it were judiciously cut.
eg, get rid of "I know" in the last l.
Where you "live" is of no consequence(other than to you), and we know you live. so, I mite start with...
In a house on Sheridan...
the morning light pours through the window

Hope this helps,

Robert LaG.
 — LaGamba