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Held the pole in
all its shades of grey,
at the tip of my lead
A world strewn ,
across vast endings,
bibliography's, chapter and verse.
I scrawl undiscovered lands,
reaching beyond sands of time:
rhymes that melt like snow,
flow from my pencil tip

16 Feb 09

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concerning lines 9,10,  i envy you and your nerve to make a statement like that, i battle with rhymes but unlike line 9 ,..... mine do not flow like melted ice... neither are they blissful... i will work at it. although rhyming has control over me at times when i do not want it to, i need to balance the fun from work, hope the readers gives me slack.
 — goeszon

i like the space between strewn and the comma ... plays well into your style and gives it some extra meaning.

 — listen

Take all the slack you need my friend
 — larrylark

Thanks listen
 — larrylark