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The Making of Gynoid

the arcane ellipse
i take to place
this kiss on your
Manray lips
egyptian veils over
cotton slips
revealing Dali thighs
and Waterhouse hips
heaving under van
Gogh skies.
you let me in
to your
kashmir skin
and quantum
Giger core.

18 Feb 09

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I enjoyed how arcane moved to quantum, and every reference/image in between led smoothly to  the next. It was like walking into a small room, the wall plastered with photos and paintings.
 — unknown

^mongrol^ is both critic and author of its poems

cyborg and guyannoyed
 — unknown

 — Gynoid

correction, gonad,gowned,gunned,grind,gone in,gunnies,gunny,franklin.
 — goeszon


 — Gynoid

This is beautifully subversive.  Every line spoke to me, even though it is something quite outside of my experience.  That is a talent I envy.  

Flawless, I say.
 — Haxxen

It does read very nice. Especially the rythem of the first stanza, for me though the second makes the poem end quite abruptly: perhaps ithe second could be longer to compliment the feel of the first> i want more!
 — syrossoul

Response: Gratitude: Variable Set.

Thank you for your readings.. I have no words to continue this Syro :) but thank you for enjoying it so much
Your pleasure at reading this Haxx has increased my own pleasure of it too :)

 — Gynoid

back to normal :)

thanks for the read guys..
 — Gynoid

 — Gynoid


don't be jealous, though, it doesn't suit you :)

 — Gynoid

the above post was by clmt who also rated this with a 1.
 — unknown

very smooth rhyming. it's so subtle i almost didn't notice it. it just helped the poem flow along.

excellent images.

love this. 8 and fave
 — mould_jesus

appreciate your perceptive reading mould_jesus ;)
 — Gynoid

No Kenny - CLMT is rating this 1, Kenny is a fake account for 'CLMT'... who writes godawful poetry.. no wonder you are ashamed to show your face here again under that login ;)

 — Gynoid

Your comments are ignored Steele :)

 — Gynoid

 — Gynoid

thanks for the bump, asswipe ;)
 — Gynoid

if I give you a 10
which I will
which I am

will you kiss me?
 — unknown

What a surprise all this wonderful composition, marvelous !!!! to the Carole Waterhouse hips... an a one an a two... every line was full of thoughtful schemes... I am glad "you let me in" thanks for your genius... j.g. smiles
 — goeszon

nice work!
 — unknown

I thought that I had already read and critiqued this, but it is marvelous anyway.  L8-11, very creative and descriptive--the whole poem for that matter.  Nice work.
 — PaulS

thank you!
 — unknown

excellent work
 — tomjones

Manray and Dali, and Giger (as in the original Alien drawings?) a fellow surrealist and poet! A 10 yes
 — BxPR

yes, H.R Giger, the creator of the 'Alien', and much more besides!
 — unknown

and thank you.
 — unknown

enjoyed this
 — uncjaf