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A hand is holding a yarn.
A yarn is tied to a feather.
A feather is drawn out from the wing of a cherub.
A cherub is riding a vehicle.
The vehicle is an infant.
The infant is following the river.
The river is red.
The river is a vein of God.
The shores are lit by lamps.
The lamps are covered in lamp shades.
The lamp shades are made of the discarded underwears of virgin girls.
The girls dance with their own fleshes.
The dance moves to a violin.
The violin makes solid sounds.
The sounds fall into the blood river.
The infant sucks the sounds into his ears.

23 Feb 09

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the violin makes solid sounds if it is eluded... this was fantastic... great fantasy... many smiles j.g.
 — goeszon

you made god human. that's fantastic.
 — unknown

nice rythem and beat to this, good write
 — syrossoul