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My Anatomy Screams, "Fie!"

balls in the sack
squashed between
oak and ivory
i cordially invite
all interested parties
to concoct a con's cock,
and shun the ones
who suggest otherwise
i'll whip out a little jig
a diddy of sorts
so to speak
sans interesting, literate,
or even intelligible narrative
all because my rocky mtns
have collapsed
under the anonymity
of dead elephant's toe-nails,
and the slaughter of brown bloody timber

24 Feb 09

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you've got some jiggy riffs here,
and i like your words and phrases.

so, what just happened??
 — jenakajoffer

your poem has sharp teeth. I'm very impressed with the ferocious non-sense barely contained in the final strophe. If you're going French, more than one preposition would sit well. I can't stop cringing before elephant's toe-nails. Now my thoughts turn (inevitably) to John Merrick.

Thank you for this.
 — banditfemme

why thank you, bandit!

but could you please explain "going french?"
 — Pat_Smear

what a,  scream, gals... balls in a sack smashed... what would deformed lion say or however he spells it, great imagination, the balls thing bares cir, cum, spection... more than ball aching smiles..j.g.
 — goeszon

this hurt MY balls!
 — sedx

sounds good. is good. is interesting.

reminds me of the time i dreamt of slaughtering baby seals with a bb gun. good times. ah.
 — DeformedLion

my wenis screams, "fire!"

- elvisss//
 — unknown


nice read, aha.
 — zoso_obscene

Oh man!  The imagery is so good I see this happening as well as feel it.  This has pain written all over--in a good writers way I may add.
 — PaulS

i like things i can read.
 — unknown