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Inland Lighthouse

Near the lighthouse lapped by pavements,
concrete tides that never turn.
Beam falls over terraced houses
stern stone walls and waving ferns.
Restless sea is jagged by boulders,
dark forms  shadow distant  ships.
Each gashed below its groaning anchor,
rigging trails  through foaming tips.
There’s talk of moving stone by stone ,
but not from those late out on roads.
A silver bright fluorescent glow,
Casts shadows down to distant shores.

25 Feb 09

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line 7 each gashed... above...  its groaning anchor... works for me... at line 8...  i would have  ended it... we will see though come morning light... some smiles... j. g.
 — goeszon

Thanks for thr comment it is much appreciated.
 — larrylark

great words. great rhythm.

nice work.
 — listen

The only problem is that you have some extra spaces between words in a couple of lines.  Other than that, this is quite lovely.  I am especially fond of line 2.

Also, 'late out on roads' could be switched to 'out late on roads' to make more sense of the flow.  No comma needed end of line 11.
 — Isabelle5

Ah, Father Larry Lark, nice writing and good to see you here!
 — Isabelle5

Thanks listen
 — larrylark


stop acting like you think I've been away to some dark place. Father Lark remains alive and kicking though with not as much time for the important things in life as he used to have.
 — larrylark

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