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if it is not (poetry)
naff or- what did i say?
then what can it be or mean?
but like you said (and i like
what you said)
a diary of written recollections
of whatnots
and wherefores
and whynots

26 Feb 09

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it could be an aphorism, a cheap word-pod meant to carry itself as 'wise-saying', or it could be an ad for the author? certainly a diary is a robot-record, but it's a selection of how you want to say, and the diary doesn't have a soul. certainly, poetry is talking the truth to the sky and watching the things in the sky become your poem too.
 — geckodrome

I like the sentiment of this - yes, I have many of these books of whatnots, wherefores and whynots too.

Line 1 naff and (poetry) might be better reversed. I stumbled on this line.

Line 5 "but" doesn't feel quite right. "or" maybe? or "maybe" maybe?
 — smugzy

ultimately forgettable
 — unknown

unknown you had too much time on your hands on the 27th.
but thank you for weeding out 3 of the bad ones.
 — hank