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the most beautiful manmade thing i ever saw

grand central station to new york
public library at a pegleg pace
from stars past lions up spermaceti stairs
to the rarified air of captains quarters
(i laughed one time over a little
illustrated diderot, vaulted gem
postage stamp sized delivered with white gloves)
scrimshawed paper telling Ishmael's tale
sing songy unscathed ambergris ink
oilthought penmanship that cursive line
unravelled i'm sure goes round a pyramid.

7 Mar 09

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excellent... more than ordinary language... refreshing... with an old scent of history... j.g.smiles
 — goeszon

smell the history.
 — hank

recently massaged.
 — hank

edited on the ides.
 — hank

This has craft pegged out all over it. Fine and evocative poem

Larry little germ Lark
 — larrylark

Nice poem Hank.
Made me think of that crazy bloke scrimmy
 — unknown

ahhh, scrimmy ain't crazy.
 — hank

Interested :)  I'll reread and rate later
thanks for a good one
 — technomancer

brilliant. billy bud and i say so.
 — stout