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Indignation (St. Pauls Square May 29th 1849)

We have lived in proximity
to the square of St. Paul
for four years due to the kind mercy
of our dear Lord and Father,
and it be but a miracle that we survive
in sound health. For I complain to you
of a most foul and noxious stench,
thought at first to be some dead dog
or other animal thrown upon the moor
behind our house.
It is now clear that this disgusting odour
emanates from the church yard
at the east end of our dwelling,
and is such that we have frequently
to vacate our parlour,
retiring into the back kitchen
to partake of tea and cake.
Could not working people,
as they be so numerous,
and die so frequently,
be buried atop Crompton Moor
and the church yard  left
to the remnants of those most noble
or of reputable profession,
so a sweeter smell might once more
permeate the confines of our abode?
I am and will remain your faithful etc. etc.

11 Mar 09

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kingly manure, 30th jan 09...
this piece runs off your lips deliciously,  although the emanations  are gross...
" be a teller of great tales, even the darkest " again...ferlinghetti
 — goeszon

i like your letter to the editor poem.
 — chuckle_s

I do so like writing to newspaper editors chuckle_s it passes the time in a coplete waste of time way
 — larrylark

Some people hey goeszon, let them eat cake, that's what i say

Larry raisin loafs Lark
 — larrylark

i suppose a hundred and sixty years ago there wouldntve been much on the telly
 — chuckle_s

I'll bet is was better than whats on today. All those anguished early Victorian ladies trying to squeeze back into their corsets having been seen to by a local proffessional,person.. I hear the early gas driven tele's frequently steamed up.

Larry social historian Lark
 — larrylark

lines 16 and 17 are truly scrumptcious
 — Gynoid

Of course they are, I made them myself

Larry Mr. Kipling Lark
 — larrylark