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poem for scat r. brane

scat r. brane,
slam-banging, hophead words, shuffled and guzzled; huddled amongst ragged and supposed hell-bent men, and hither and thither silver-spoons, to boot. vulturous, circling and scrounging for dynamo or mystic, western dreams and bygone hipsters. dazzled and mangled, morns and dim skylines.
silhouette city of celestial beatings. hair waving free and skin-deep zeal waning. o heavy sigh and o morning ripe. crisp sea change stemming there, toward pacific, yesteryear's dreaming. fireplace ember rolling around, lukewarm, behind rusted, bare backs; the mellow graze faded, erred in replacing seesaw-like days for brimful complacence.
charred lungs pulsating, pink throats churned raw, japed in hindsight atop spearmint's cooling. farewell's weeping, pardoning tears in advent of new air. cracked knuckles rising from fiery play. insatiable limbs mimicked eternity, fainted and lost the bickers upon dawn.
lied prone, i spied the gypsies' flourish of spanish, spring blossoms. their bellows rang chimes, they swayed with the night. tree's branched out rightly, breaching the skyways, haunted and calloused. deadpan stumps recalled the unending passing. wallflowers, dreamers, cardinal strangers, faced yonder for one and the other that night.

15 Mar 09

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a great, conflagration of words, you could cut them down...
easy words to read, something said, graphic, remarkable, i could cut mine down too before i am cut off too j.g smiles...
 — goeszon

 — OKcomputer

Have you ever actually encountered a 'gypsy' (gypsy's)? It's not a workable image when you've not got a culture of your own to see them from. Try 'gay' and see if that works magic on the audience.
 — unknown

 — villicana

Never encountered a 'gypsy'?
 — unknown