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all the stuff that surrounds a detail

i make ham and cheeses
i think for the colemans
a delivery vehicle
my sandwich isis
enjoy the english mustard

17 Mar 09

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"Like a field of sunflowers, a poem should not have to be explained"   Ferlinghetti      j.g.smiles
 — goeszon

thanks, goeszon.
 — hank

almost parallel, in fact very much so in my case at the moment, to the adage that one should not shop for food when hungry, perhaps one should not comment on poems with ham and cheese sandwiches in them when famished. i find this poem brilliant, however do i applaude the artistry so well displayed here or on a more simple  level yearn for the sandwich? either way hank, you have my utter support. good poem
 — stout

sandwich isis *lol*
 — unknown