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Yeahoo People

Nelsy got a throat choke
coke throat
from a soap cigarette, french flask
where teeth clink.
Nelsy got a red neck
paint spraying, Saints four
piss heroin the bleed go
make artists on the floor
Nelsy got a skull cap
pulled back, piano brain
middle c gits th tail bone
the wrong song she go insane
Yhuyook, flesh blue
on a skin balloon
stuffed with nicotine
lung butter green
yellow teeth cling
rockets launch around the gut
fingernails rupture and drip white delite
eyeballs in bowties
suck on stale flies
sunrise Yhuyook! come to be baptized
Mitmot atop mechanical loins
services dykepals with cement cock
on bread sheet beds
black mold, bends in
on top hovers Mitmot
once had been holy
now abandoned
penetrates his jealousy
squirts blood clots
infecting the she-bean
through the cracked tits

19 Mar 09

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yeahoo would be better in a high school musical (!)
 — unknown

"Poetry is like a hand print of the invisible, a footprint of visible reality, following it like a shadow" L.Ferlinghetti... who else... j.g.smiles...
 — goeszon

your words are like beads of sweat slowly trickling their way down, down, down towards my cock.

you make me hot. wicked.
 — DeformedLion

Rich, Dense and Fluid. Great work.
 — unknown

you make me hot.
 — OKcomputer

your words they make love to each other and pop beautiful bastard children
 — repeatme