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Blackpool (1953)

At Butlin's we champed,
eager as sea side horses,
on new found freedoms.
Muscling up, healthy,
spluttering phlegm,
you, me, father,son,
squinting into sunlit days,
flexing pecs,
a parody of strong armed men.
My unsuitable woollen trunks,
bagged and sagged,
billowing in the salty breeze.
Knobbly kneed, bluffing the day's
insane freedom,
as Blackpool Tower
rose majestic and proud,
beneath mackeral clouds.

Butlin's-a holiday camp with barbed wire round its perimeter to stop people escaping and filthy disgusting food served with even filthier weather. It was much loved by the working poor who knew no better and could afford even less

20 Mar 09

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out-fucking-standing... "Is lenin listening after fifty Octobers" L.F. very fastidious piece... j.g. Smiles
 — goeszon

Thanks goeszon

Larry ever grateful for any small mercy Lark
 — unknown

i love it when a poem moves me. and i was
moved by your poem.

i discovered while reading your poem and looking in the mirror
that as my erection softened -- the piece sign
in my pant cleavage became more
more than ever before

so. thank you for that epifanic moment
 — unknown

The pleasure was obviously all yours

Larry pillar of strength Lark
 — larrylark

Brilliant poem. The food and done deal with the weather etc
 — useine

excellent! captured the (miserable) time I once had at Butlins, Bognor Regis when I was dragged there as a kid.

Good poem, but crappy 'holiday camp'. :)
 — jenn