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The story's been told
The fight's been fought
I've got to accept
The things that I've got
Two years have passed
I've come so far
Driven down life's road
In a broken-down car
But the car, I’ve fixed
The road, I’ve paved
The experiences I had
Will always be saved
The scars have faded
The band-aids are clear
My arms hold a sign reading:
“Nothing was here”
Back in the day
I was tired of trying
I wasn’t okay
And I wasn’t crying
Two years later
She’s moved on
It’s a horrible fact
But it’ll make us all strong
So we’ll take our lives
One step every day
I’ll live like a fighter
So the memories will stay
Present day Friday
I’m sat at a desk
Typing my heart out
To remember what’s best.
And so, today,
To tribute her fight
My poem will affirm
My future, my life.

25 Mar 09

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encore perhaps?

thank you
 — unknown

Man that was a lot of work... you could have saved yourself and made two pieces by making four stanzas big words for paragraphs like you could leave one out and use four each time for separate pieces or poems... i hope you get my ideas... then be sure to read it close and keep on writing... j.g. smiles
 — goeszon

HOLY MOLY THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
 — SammzBernii