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i. Anger has made me bitter
but I don't want to be bitter, I want to be sweet.
i feel like i'm a monkey
shitting on a conveyor belt at
timed intervals
i'm no longer a fish,
i don't flip and flop
now I toss and turn
ii. you've failed to RSVP to the party in my pants
iii. i am in love with Jekyll
because he is the dog and the wolf.
the sun on your back/in your eyes
on sunny days
there are still passing moments,
like clouds
(overcast and billowing moods)
i can never tell whether it's the wolf or the dog i'm in the company of--
these days i know my limits.
i would never take on a task I couldn't handle.
If I want something badly enough, I make it work,
like shoes a size too big
iv. sleep is for the weak, but i'm 6 days into a "nap"
tumbling down passages of strange and foreign books,
grasping for some thing
v.  I might love you.   I love you.   I loved you.
vi. i hate you on sometimes hours and find myself okay with that when i can't remember your face.

27 Mar 09

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"Caw the great Caw."  L. Ferlinghetti   j.g. smiles
 — goeszon

interesting. but overly so.

such that the bee gets confused and lands in the flowers lap, rather than the warmth of its smile.
 — DeformedLion

This is a very interesting poem... I 'specially like Lines 3-8...nice write...
 — JKWeb

you're an experimenTal writer on the edge -- with a pen pushed into the page as a lightening rod where burnt words sizzle 'n spark making us readers squint our eyes and turn away to avoid being burned -- a great Goddess who is also an animal howling at the Moon, Dianna -- catch me if you can -- I loved the cerebral aspect of this experiment {HAND}[m(F)o(O)u(O)t(T)h] moving beyond e.e. cummings and going your own way -- we must make Love like the Wolf and Love each other as the devoted Dog sometimes a good growler with bite marks is all one needs to get balanced again -- interesting writing Aziel and my jekyl/hyde totem animals would be Humming Bird sweetness or Growling Bear -- l30 "i hate you sometimes for hours" the end is irony and justice
 — AlchemiA

thighs of steel let loin in bloodlust gorge
fearless glances, a raging wolflike urge
stalking silently, watching! gutteral growl
when the moon rises, so then do i howl
the mystery of an animals wild lament
is a lusting ache in smelling your sweet scent
urges that take me to a restless ferocity
rolling over and over, circling continuously
looking up to howl longing into night
a fearless lunacy with orb reflecting light
panting passion, shining moonlit eyes
an ancient urge that never really dies...
 — AlchemiA

Pavlovian. But liked it overall. BxPR
 — BxPR

i really like what you're doing with this.
you're good.

really good.
: )
 — fractalcore

 — unknown

I love the foot in mouth part! Very original and cliched at the same time.
 — Linnac

it's interesting (the form) .. and uninteresting (most of the content) at the same time :/
 — Feminoid

still, on a second read.. it has content.. maybe a few more reads :)
 — Feminoid

But your dog's still an ass.
 — Cerulise

he is, but he's calmed down since the move.
 — Aziel

sorry but this is awful, a bunch of drivel that poses as deep or puzzling, more like a bad puzzle that's better left unsolved, my advice scrap this and start over . . . PLEASE!!
 — unknown

how this in top rated?! You must have a lot of pple that like you
 — unknown

some people might just really like it, different strokes for different folks.  
 — unknown

you haven't posted in awhile.
 — raskolniikov

i haven't had words as my disposal, my i keep opening my mouth but nothing is coming out.
 — Aziel

Excellent poem
 — rivergood