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weak light

Starlight cant be felt
and illuminates
no truth
except one
I cant touch
So I stare at my feet
and perceive beauty
as far
as I can see
feel something special
only when it comes
to find me

Had to write but feel a bit blocked and out of touch. Would appreciate any help.

3 Apr 09

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the second stanza makes this.
perhaps tweaks in the first would strengthen that portion:

starlight illusory
illuminates no truth
but one I can't touch

idk take it the way you want.
but i LOVE that second stanza.
 — 1994

ha! haiku alert!

stars illusory
revealing no truth
but one i can't touch.
 — 1994

thank you, you sappy softy=)
 — peoplescareT

i like this. the feeling of not being inspired is actually inspiring in this poem. and great title as well.

maybe would just delete the footnote. or incorporate it into the poem. but i find the use of "cant" to be quite effective here, the sort of self doubt one can feel about one's work, doubt that prevents someone from adding the '.

keep writing, of course.
 — listen

I really like this--especially the second stanza.  You might want to put an apostrophe in "can't" though--just my opinoin of course :)
 — PaulS

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