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ode to cervantes

there is an object in my life
that i quarantine every day
could be it
could be you
could be me
could be anything that is chosen
to be put behind bars and freed

18 Apr 09

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this idea you're working out in this 'lil imagist poement, this shard or crystal, locks your imagery into a hall of mirrors, making many reflections of you you you over and over again, yet cervantes was a hero on a mission, he'd broken free of the wind mills of his mind, danced with noble chivalry, was truly one of a kind -- so I like your ode, I really do, but want to see you reel toward the hearts accord, in how this makes you feel, like Don Quixote with his sword or sweet Sancho with his light, written from your pen with your maddest zeal and earnestly burned insight
 — AphroDite

i love your take. however,
this is an ode to cervantes.
not to don quixote or sancho.
 — hank

SPAIN...    j.g. smiles
 — goeszon