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Your skin wasn't tan

George Hamilton you weren't...
maybe even slightly pasty with
teeth that were a bit on the
yellow side.
You didn't smell like success
nor were you husky and strong.
Despite the best data
psychologists could find,
proving what women are drawn
to in a man, I fell for you.
It was an attraction
that had no bearing on
sense or reason...
It didn't look good on paper--
in fact, it resembled a
caustic carnal canvas of concrete
spitting its rebellious
graffiti on convention's walls.
Turns out I didn't want your protection,
your courage, your clarity
or your pearly whites--
No, just your love's light
on my pale skin...
Then I forgot the sunscreen.

My inspiration... Spring Fever exists and it makes a difference in who we chose as our lovers... Check it out:


28 Apr 09

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This is excellent!  A wonderful mix of fact and whimsy, told with a droll sense of humor and a 'splat on me' energy that is both sad and hysterical.  
 — Isabelle5

I know... part of me is peeing my pants laughing when I read this and the other is going, "This is SO sad!"
 — aforbing

Gorgeous George and his mirror have been immortalised here
 — larrylark

He was great in "Love at First Bite" with Lauren Hutton.  Now THAT was a HOT vampire movie.
 — aforbing

Yes, very well written aforbing.  I love the ending--the whole thing made me chuckle--not an easy thing to do on this site most of the time.
 — PaulS

I love this too, but , while i was reading this and before I got to the comments, i realy thought this was Isabelle's work... and I don't mean to offend or flatter either party... just an honest opinion.
 — majan

Interesting observation... IMC and I are good friends outside of this website.  Altho we are on different sides of the continent, we are kindred spirits.  Our work has many similarities.  I am flattered and hopefully she would be likewise honored by your comparison.  I will definitely say that Miss Isabelle is really a more accomplished poet than myself, however.  
 — aforbing