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Pray Upon a Starr

I think maybe I have dreamed too long,
wrapped in sheets, in clay hands,
caught in pretty circles and
grace of stars.
have shuttered eyes,
vainly searching skin
of light, bough of
tree, love of heart...
the sweep
of fiery atoms and dark wishes
eclipse thought,
drown reason.
eye-lids melting,
warping sundreamt skin,
to find small
bodies of our
ghost in flesh.
i feel so hazy,
so unheard.
feel like water
on sand as
bare feet arrive
to place me in their
i fear this life so crawl
on atoms, fear this
death so must sing to
stars of the final homecoming,
on flight of wings
born from
seldom melody.
must skip stones
over walls of water,
must hurry hands
through altered
minds, must
ask of love
just a kiss
before this
rushing dark--
for dream folds
into light infernal.
pray then dear,
that this man
of boy, and
boy of man will
endure in the gaze
of gods and
wisp of air,
to stand as Man
in coastless womb
of stars.

4 May 09

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homage's to starr's 'Pray I'll age softly...' are variations on the theme and in the music -- here you've played a finely tuned piece with your own particular style of poetic rendering -- much in keeping to starr's brilliant imagism your piece becomes more like an impressionistic imagism piece with adagio cadences blurring the edges between colour-sound-word -- nicely crafted DF

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 — AlchemiA

grace of
skin of
bough of
love of
sweep of
bodies of
stars of
flight of
walls of
ask of
man of
boy of
gaze of
wisp of
womb of
"By the hoary hosts of Hoggath!"
 — chuckle_s

i think this is very nice, but something i feel you do is to pull out only from your land sight and not from a visionary place -- it's as though you could see the animals and humans around you, and arrange them like pieces in a game -- or, nicer, on a stage -- but the problem is that they're all looking just the way you want them to -- otherwise, you wouldn't have seen them. and, the alternate way is to go inside your own consciousness and see what animals appear -- animal seas and forests -- and watch them move and see how they move, and then arrange it so that they walk across your stage on their own terms -- in that way where all the words are absolutely of the same dimension even while giving the illusion of this 'many things in many places' you try to present. to me, this poem comes off as pressed into a way of saying, but too busy as wording because so many of your images don't sit well together.
 — trashpoodle

God, this is so tender, masculine and beeaUTIFUL, D.L.  !!!  LOVE IT!  Great, great writing, my friend and I am sincerely touched and moved by your homage.  You're too cool, my brotha.  Thanks, Andrew.  :-)
 — starr

No, Thankyou.

 — DeformedLion

Very well written DL.  To me, this is one of the best of your many pieces I have read, one of the best on this site really.  the whole poem is beautiful, but the last stanza is brilliant--very touching work, poet.
 — PaulS

hey Paul, thanks for the kind words...it seems i have written many poems now for Starr- or because of him. I think its just the "energy" of his words, positive flow, light of light...whereas Mike gives a more cerebral and intellectual shape to influence, and kind of force me into words. jj- is most important too!

anyway it seems TP's work isn't on here anymore. which is a shame. i hope he will repost it.
 — DeformedLion