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Dirty Washing

The launderette’s a necessity.
We like to clean in washing machines,
our dreams churning up deep waters.
Bored, I gaze thoughtlessly out front,
accompanied by the satisfying clunk and whirr as dirt is destroyed
and remember once joylessly entering the office opposite.
“Relate- Marriage Guidance.”
We once aired our dirty linen there,
raising the temperature of brief dismembering grief.
Now others enter our long ago laundry,
hoping to be cleansed, reconditioned, then hung out to dry.
They walk up as if on trial, forced to stride in unison
bound to someone they barely know,
and while they argue about who will ring the bell,
hellish thoughts go spinning round and round.

6 Jun 09

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hang this one out to dry
it's all washed up
 — unknown

I wonder if you well spinning round or just drip drying when you replied.

Larry soap suds Lark
 — larrylark

The poet needs to get out more. This attempt at poetry needs more than a spin doctor.
 — unknown

Like your replies that drown in bubbles that dissolve into vacuous space between the back of the washing machine and the tiny hole where all unknown rats congregate trying to pretend their inane squeaking is making them known , but no one wants to know them anyway

Larry sqeaky clean Lark
 — unknown

it all comes out in the wash rite?
 — psychofemale

or possibly left
 — larrylark

WOW... great concept.  Love this one!
 — aforbing

Interesting piece, easily defined if not poetic each and every one of us draw on our experiences, personally i like this one.
 — Taima