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The boy with the wooden gun

Nested deep through khaki lapels
blood ran like his legs as a boy.
Wounds opened like gosling mouths
yet the Mother-less sky brought - nothing
only December mouth clouds, wisping feinter,
as the bracken ebb struggling through men.
Silent as telegrams from low letterboxes.
He ran through eye lashes as a boy again.
That boy, who carved a wooden gun
his fingers planed a splinter blooding his thumb.
Ma ran to him with a 'told you so' line
and a dettol rag she lovingly dabbed on him.
This was after everything his first and final memory.

for JD

26 Jun 09

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    Who wrote this piece... lets start from there... J. G. Smiles
 — goeszon

the boy will need therapy, so sad for the boy with the little wooden gun.
 — unknown

What an awesome poem of idea and words, though rather tragic if I grasped the concept...the opening 6 lines, he's a soldier succumbing to his wounds and the 2nd 6 lines, rewind to when he was a child playing soldier...very nicely done...
 — JKWeb

Thanks JK, you'd know from experience so it means it lot.
 — Caducus

i love your poem
 — noodleman

read this again today
if I could give your poem an 11, I would
poetry to the zenith
 — JKWeb

JK, that means a lot as you've seen such a lot.

 — Caducus

where can I see the original?
 — unknown

Very good, indeed--I agree with JKWeb.
 — PaulS

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powerful piece
 — CaseyPowers

This comment has been suspended by a moderator.

This comment has been suspended by a moderator.

Tragically stunning. I was especially transfixed by your last stanza.
 — marieclaire

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