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Michael Jackson is Dead

I don't remember what
I was doing when the
truth sunk in.
It was so long ago.

26 Jun 09

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oh, you mean like he was dead before he actually DIED? this is insightful writing, i think something is about to dawn on me too...
 — syrossoul

dead man moonwalking
 — unknown

That is a very beautiful, sublimation of thought otherwise so difficult to express.
You aced it. You get a ten from me.  I had lots of "problems"accepting MJ, but after all, he could not really help but to be a great artist, and also, apparently, a child molestor (they cannot help it!).  I think you poem belongs in the top ten.
Thank you so much for a poem that needs no criticism.   Wonderful you.
 — Reid_Welch

Folks, you see how delicate it is in so few words?  Ten minutes ago is as "past history" as 1980, etc.  And now, like Lincoln, "he belongs to the ages", as Stanton said at Lincoln's time of expiration.  MJ is no Lincoln, but he will forever be as famous as Lincoln, and many, many people love his memory without reservation.
So, the poem is, really, truly, perfect.  It creates such a mood as I cannot express in words, see? THAT is a master's poem up above.
 — Reid_Welch

writ in a way that gets under the the fatal-skin we're in -- well writ with a wry wit in it
 — AlchemiA

i got dibs on the monkey
bubbles, i love thee
 — chuckle_s

Doctor death was running, left his car behind... when your doctor lives at home, your bound to try the candy, fifty was too young to die, but was he really living, behind that powdered mask he wore, who knows who he was serving.... ya gotta serve someone, Bob Dylan

   J.G. Smiles
 — goeszon

Apt, immediate and, truthful.
 — Cocoa

i usually like you onesters
but in this case
could you just leave it for a few days
 — chuckle_s

Michael Jackson is alive

he always hasbeen.
 — syrossoul

they've no sense of irony, chuckle:s
 — unknown

i think its possiblybecause the irony is too blatent.
 — syrossoul

I liked BEN, Mike liked BEN, BEN was a rat, mike was a boy that's when he was great then 'twas too late for the man he became that liked the boys that played with rats
 — AlchemiA

Suffering for his music.
A man seeking Never Neverland.
A child lost in art.

Something he never had
sought through plastic surgery.
Self medicating.

The Man-child cried out
While crying stung by a bee.
Lost boy forever.
 — BxPR

too easy! this doesn't interest me at all...I'm a little disapointed, I was sure there would be more jackson poems than this already
 — mr_e

btw i'm not responsible for any of those 1's. If i were to rate this, i'd give it a 5.
 — unknown

Very cleverly done and so true

Larry the truth Lark
 — larrylark

Ta folks, (you have generous heart, netsk and chuck 2 in 1 ster way ;)
 — unknown