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Morning Story

Here is my son,
shipping stories,
the apparitions of a phantom in the night,
seeking a dawn sky that’s rooted in a yawn
My wife flutters,
a bird of paradise
among aromas of early morning coffee.
She sleeps with one eye on the nest,
appeasing those half flown,
clutching conciliation to her breast.
She communes, he describes
It's funny how life just goes by.
He glances at my jaundiced eye.
Did I ever take the time?
Once I dropped him when a child.
He smiles the smile
of one who flies for miles.

11 Jul 09

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I have no crits...nicely done poement...especially like line 11-14
 — JKWeb

genuine poetry communicates before it is understood--T.S. Eliot
nicely done
 — unknown

 — stout

Cheers JKW
 — larrylark

I agree unknown
 — larrylark

Thanks stout but i prefer Guinness as they do say it is good for you

Larry quaffer and purveyor of charming little ditties Lark
 — larrylark

Just about perfect. xanipani
 — unknown

great piece.

read this awhile ago, but of course, like it even more now, upon careful consideration.

to be expected, though. even though i always like your poems a ton on the first and second read, i just like them even more as the days go by. and by the way, the last two lines are just ... golden and free.
 — listen

Nothing is perfection in a world where distant dreams are constantly blurred by a lack of vision in the material world we live in

Larry immaterial Lark
 — larrylark

Hi listen

I shall be dripping by in the next couple of days when i have got dog tiredness out of my bones and start realising I am on holiday for nearly 7 weeks. This is one of those that sprang from no wnere but i guess it was there all along, so closely do i observe my eldest son.

Larry watching brief lark
 — larrylark