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Waves curl,
compass whirls.
Magnetic landscape falls
beneath flexed soles,
swirling round,
the stalled boat
heaved to a stop.
Island outline confirmed
turned through a slat of light
stabbing the dark.
Hearts quicken;
in the distance dog's bark.
A fond landscape
sails into view.
Fizzing matchstick
thrown through steam,
landed in the captain's brew.

25 Jul 09

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this kind of list of images is reflective of prose, really. it's a saying out front of images you've seen, maybe, and are giving to us, like you were dumping mashed potatoes on our plates. that it's got a cute twist and a cork-screw ending doesn't mean that there was any reason for them to be attached to the beginning of this.
 — trashpoodle

Sometimes i wonder, when i have absolutely nothing better to do, what your fake diamond dog collar is attached to and i see you still haven't bothered taking lessons in how to come across without sounding like a combination of low flown patrony and a grand dame who has just come off stage at a pantomime knowing her days are numbered because she can't get the old lines from Peter Pan out of her head and replace them with those of Widow Twanky

Larry oh yes he does Lark
 — larrylark

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