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dog fighters of paris

and what then
god will say
you guys fucked up
the dogs will be after us
its not hard to imagine
a girl throws a frisbee in a park
a greyhound jumps
clasps the disc between her forelegs
and lands on a big red button that blows up all our machines
its us or them again
panic in the streets
blood, dried paste, tomato sauce
thousand dollar pizzas on the fifth floor
get that crowbar out, eve
swing at the bloody cunt as she makes her jump
the worst tourists in europe
drunken brittish tourists
'imma put like 4 kids in her
imma wear her out
i dont know
people love eagles'
french people calling me a barbarian
people calling people barbarians
who does that
dopey intellectuals with big lower lips
why so much dogshit on the street, guys
go easy with the dogshit
in paris if a dog decides to eat you
there is no fence to jump
no truck to climb
you have to fight the dog
dog fighters of paris
when the barking gets closer
you dont feel good
you dont want to get bit by dogs teeth
yeah dont think about it
the idea is to quickly remove my backpack and use it as a barrier between me and the mouth
but you know animals learn too
dogs dropping from rain shutters
barks from the rooftops
a bark right over your head
eventually stacking the eiffel tower with human corpses in a trap where we burn thousands of dogs
most cant take heat jump from tower go splat
a few dalmations use jackets of human dead to glide to seine river, survive, become radiocative t rex dalmations patrolling cobblestone streets shitting eyeballs hair nails constantly
mommy made of nails
I know about dogs that could eat me
just run up and bite and bite
they have muscles for pulling
muscles so they dont let go
I see them on my way to work sometimes
dragging their owners
or being friendly
it is true they can smell fear
sometimes i feel too weak to fight
i cant even jog away im hungover
listening to music i havent heard in a long time
i would not fight the dog well
mike tyson dog uppercut
piece of shit dogs killed my entire family
torture small dogs boost morale
some people eat dogs tendons blood cooked
new religions popular prayer is proud screams, coughing
brittish bourists binvent the human bark bark
joylessly reproducing in bleak new world without sun dogs ate it
am so worn out i trip and am eatten by bog bugging bat my bingers
but you have to fight the dog
what the hell
tell me you never had the dream where the dog sniffs out the drugs in your backpack
you are handcuffed go to jail
they can use them against us
they know how
who do you trust
dog fighters of paris

12 Aug 09

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paris police are cunts. never ship anything across the border there. best to avoid the E45 altogether and go via the hook of holland.
 — raskolniikov

 — raskolniikov

Dude one time the paris police were like hey gimmie the drugs, I flew away on the rocketeer, safe
 — bykguy2000