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Sobriety for Sale

Your innermost demons
shared in silence
purchase more intimacy
than any hook-up
could ever provide.
In fact, I'm quite certain
that I'm no longer in the market
for false fantasies or feigned
closeness at the expense
of my sanity.
Clarity is expensive!
Yet, in the end, it's an emotional
savings beyond measure--
priceless merchandise
I could never afford before.
I'm finally worthy of a top-shelf life,
but instead of a bottle, this new product
will have a decidedly different dwelling.
I've redeemed my coupon on a happiness
that comes in quite another sort of packaging.
My surrender has earned me
rights to a discount ticket--
a place so exclusive,
a trip so intense, that only a select
few can afford the costly fare.
I've clambered the steps one day at a time...
to an all-expense-paid journey
to Recovery Resort,
where healing is a decision and
checking out is a choice.

12 Aug 09

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You know what they say in the program...   You're only as sick as your secrets.
Also, the definition of sanity is:  "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results."
 — aforbing