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Crossword Puzzle(d)

Four squares ACROSS:
Simple Answer or Torturous Enigma?
Puzzles can be candy for the brain
or a thorn.
This puzzle shall entertain me!
Writing black lines on white paper;
black and white answers.
Eraser: ally of guessers everywhere.
Quite Obvious
Five squares DOWN:
Only the mentally strong will
Venture their time,
Energy, their intellectual
Resources to sate
These letter-starved squares. Obviously!
Using unyielding fortitude
I shall use a pen - not pencil -
and confidently vanquish my grid-like enemy.
The overt words at first of course!
And when the clue
for an eleven-letter word for freedom arises,
Mr. Thesaurus here at my side
gives me deliverance.

15 Aug 09

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this is one of those poems that could've gone either way
luckily, you saved the poem in the last stanza
very clever...
 — JKWeb

Very nice my type of poem definitely a 10
 — Redlander