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I am yours –
just as the honeysuckle
belongs to early summer,
so do I belong to you.
Your touch awakens
within me a silent,
almost imperceptible movement:
from bud to blossom;
from blossom to berry.
And though summer
gives way to autumn
and then winter;
though the honeysuckle
will drop the last of her leaves,
I know somewhere within me
that you will return,
bringing with you
the honeybee
humming her muted song.
The memory
of what it feels like
to open
is why the honeysuckle
blossoms every summer
is why I can have no other view
than this:
All that I am,
all that I have to offer
to this unforgiving world
is because of you.

16 Aug 09

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Drop 'and' line 20.  This is unapologetically romantic and feminine.  I wonder if a man can understand the opening, if woman could understand the need to enter.

This could so easily degenerate into maudlin, cliche, trite, yet it doesn't.  It's right on the edge but more like how flowers fall over an edge and make it lovely, not a bad thing.
 — Isabelle5

Okay, now I'm confused by the writer!  If this is a man writing, he has a strong female spiritual side!
 — Isabelle5

This is great! Absolutely great!  Isabelle, this IS unapologetically romantic, but isn't neccessarily feminine--I think like this quite a bit--I just can't get those thoughts on the page as well as this writer.
 — PaulS

I know, Paul, just felt like a feminine voice to me.  I love men who do not hide their softness.  Most do not say things this well, that's for sure.
 — Isabelle5

Isabelle5 and PaulS:  thank you for the comments.
 — padalinoj

Oh and to clear it up, yes, I'm a man who likes to think he is unafraid to hide his softer side.
 — padalinoj