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Dalek Supper Time MEDITATIONS

We want some FISH AND CHIPS
And SINEGAR which we will scrape
off the FISH and CHIPS
We will throw the FISH and CHIPS
into the bin because like YUMANS
we know not what we want.
We want to eat your FLESH
and your LIVER and KIDENEES
We want to learn to SPELL,
What did he TELL
and who did he TELL it to
Was it YOU?
I want to live in a WASTE DISPOSAL UNIT
See to it right now after you’ve finished
Polishing me with BRASSO you ASS HOLE.
Daleks-shrivelled up creatures from outer space which are encased in metal cylinders and who move round on casters. Thye talk like they have just broken wind and hate a man called Doctor Who who is a Time Lord who can travel backwards and forwards through space and time saving planets but particularly Earth. If you live upstairs you are safe from Daleks as they cannot climb them, a bit like me when I try to go to bed totally pissed.
Fish and Chips – these were born in the North of Engerland and every street in t’north has a fish and chip shop were people Q for hours while chatting total bollocks. Favourite items sold in chippies as they are affectionately referred to, are battered bits, but don’t ask me which bits, mushy peas which are an unsophisticated version of Gwacemolo, and a bit of hot stuff in an ally round the back after the chippy closes with Big Bertha the potato peeler.
Valt and Sinegar – wot u flavor your fip and chish with. Big Brenda’s mate Sally Forth asks you if you want it, the valt and sinegar that is, and sprinkles it over your Fip and chish till you tell her to stop, (hand relief optional)
Brasso – a foul smelling liquid used to polish objects made of metal and brass and frequently gargled by old tramps and down and outs like me as a substitute for mouth wash.
William Tell - a kind of Robin Hood figure who stood up for the poor and lived in Swaziland...oopps sorry Switzerland
Your faithfully LL

Applicable only in dire emergencies

6 Sep 09

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exterminate exterminate.
 — raskolniikov

"We are but dust raskioniikov, coming from and returning to"

Third verse para three in the Lark book of divine sayings
 — larrylark

yes we are larry, everything we have, here on this earth is borrowed and on loan to us, we are just passing through.
 — raskolniikov

and it came to pass my friend that Larry lark passethed like a puff of wind twix his cradle and his grave and was gone forever before the universe even so much as blinked an eye

Larry into the mystic Lark
 — larrylark

The Doctor recommends we all enter the Tardis as quickly as possible. "Danger, danger Will Robinson." "Thank the Maker!" Gort , Maria and Tobort. Inquiry: do Daleks "Dream Electric Dreams"?
 — Redlander

No Redlander ...they dream electrocuted dreams
 — larrylark

Processing...processing...processing..processing. End of transmission...
 — Redlander

I am in control redlander I am in comtrol....you will obey me... obey me obey meee...I am your lord and master ..lord and master.....Oh no..I'll have to go...some one has set fire to my flame proof testicle guard......( hiss of steam and deep sighing orf stage exit left)

Larry comfortable in cotton with a tiny bit of rayon in the mix Lark
 — larrylark

This poem makes me want to hide behind the sofa whilst clutching a cushion so as to shield my fragile eyes from the terror that is the DALEKS. Even writing the word petrifies me.

Thanks for the memory larrylark.
 — smugzy

i think the dalek eat spirit, not meat -- though i do think that northern europeans have enough neanderthal left in them to go for the banquet. that being the case to my mind, this is even more silly than it might seem, and that would work this as semi-DADA french poetry translated, and from the 1960's, when the french were trying to catch up with east-german light verse aesthetics.
 — trashpoodle

larryLark, you're stepping out...
 — trashpoodle


I'm just out of step

Larry Ginger and Fred Lark
 — larrylark

just like the east-germans. but, i think it's because your shoo-laces were tied together. this is pretty experimental writing for you, and it's good to see. you've gone from 1911 to 1916 in one leap, and that's very helpful to see here cause most people here don't know anything about the history of poetry.
 — trashpoodle

those who we love are never more than a thought apart.
 — unknown

a zeno thought --  where the first thought is part of the first thought, but someone into the first and almost a second thought, if it weren't for the third thought scaring you into hurrying it up.
 — trashpoodle

I think you are starting to grow on me TP. I frquently look to Tristan Tzara and other Dadaist poets and painters for inspiration but this came from  Dalek nightmares that surge into my dreams

 — larrylark

This is silly as all hell...but some of the most creative stuff I've read.
I like learning...tis fun to do sayeth I...
 — dionnefields

ok... 'why the dalek dreams?'
 — trashpoodle

ignore poodle.
best way.
 — unknown

good with mustard ^
 — trashpoodle

and cress
 — larrylark

Larry your sense of humor is incredible. there are so many funny lines in this, but what got me was "valt and sinegar" ... such a phrase was unexpected, but the cool kind of unexpected.

this is different. but good.

of course it's good.
 — listen

Dear Listen

I implore you to watch out for Daleks and take appropriate action if you see one. This involves squirting super glue onto theit castors so they cannot move and then sawing them into tiny pieces with a chain saw

Larry protector of the world Lark
 — larrylark

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