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Pick a God, any God.

Sun God,Moon God,Mother earth,
Father Time,the virgin birth,
The king of fairies,the woodland sprite,
The Wicker man that lights the night,
St Elmo's fire atop the mast,
The sacred cat of Egypt past.
Gods of war,of peace and love,
Of land and sea and skies above.
Mortal Gods that walk the Earth,
Gods of sorrow,pain and mirth.
A God for every man and child.
Gods for Gods that Gods beguiled.

29 Oct 09

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Oh My GOD!!!!  LOL!  You know it or as I always say, "God of many names we beckon circulating gold."  Yessa!  :-)
 — starr

is there a 'no god' option>?
 — syrossoul

i picked the 10 box, i'll see what happens
 — syrossoul

GOD damn!
 — unknown

Genius. It flows good.
 — leroyle

This sounds like a romantic poet of old could've written it. Amazing.
And even "no God" is a god, it is either the God of science or self or nothingness. Do you think you could explicate on those atheisitic, agnostic, nihilist notions of God or lack of too? Though, I love this poem as is, and I feel that might be a different poem?
 — andyleggett

no matter how many gods we nail to our walls
we're still all going to die.
 — raskolniikov

Should be God, gods, & goddesses
 — frugal

this is godly :)
 — faith

no, frugal, it should be god, gods and goddesses.

there is no actual god, so it's a meaningless word, anyway.
 — unknown

Thankyou everyone. Enjoyed writing it. Glad you all enjoyed it. xx
 — Mckarash

omg this is awesome. =)
 — nickiblitz

  To Syrossoul--The whole thing could be seen as the 'No god option'.
 — Mckarash

Read Psalm 14, unknown
 — frugal

fuck off, frugal
 — unknown

Fuck off, unknown.  McKarash: this is well writ and very creative--nice work
 — PaulS

Hey unknown the truth hurts doesn't it? I still think the title should be God, gods & goddesses according to  Galatians 4:8
 — frugal


that book of lies and frauds?

 — unknown

If it's a book of lies and frauds give me two of them. Not personal opinion but something verifiable as a lie or fraud. Since it's a book full of them two objectively provable ones should be easy. And your laugh is obviously one of pain not humor.
 — frugal