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dead body

arms stretched wide
we found a dead dude
they look like they're old enough to know
we threw a rock at it
and then what happened?
it made a really weird noise

29 Oct 09

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Not a poem.  A youtube entry or something but not a poem.  Who is they in line 3?  A dead body is he or she, not they.

Shame on you for throwing a rock at it!  Too bad it didn't sit up and scare you to death!

I would like to know what you were attempting here.  It's not working.
 — Isabelle5

HANK!  You make me crazy!
 — Isabelle5

Lols. I laughed when I read this.
I wouldn't qualify it as poetry just yet.
But I like the image. It has potential, I think.

I'm thinking the "we" in line 2 includes some children
that are "old enough to know" in line 3.

The dead body made a weird noise
and from the stall statement in line 5,
I'm thinking the "dead dude" isn't dead
for him to make a "really weird noise".
 — leroyle