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They say that the toddler mind
   is an egocentric scientist,
      a concrete mosaic,
        a short verse   poem;
- a tsunami that can swallow entire villages.
I watch my daughter
throw her plastic teacup across the room
and stomp her tiny feet
into the carpet. She wants me to know that she is mad, mad, mad.
I imagine the imaginary tea
   trailing behind the cup,
      freezing as a rivulet
        and dissipating. A tiny hate comet bursting into flame.
        - because she no longer believes.
I want to understand.
I want fresh impressions and eloquent behaviors. So,
I pretend
that nothing exists outside of myself.
I forget
that love is more than a soreness in my chest.
I eventually find
my own shattered tea set. The pieces
swimming like fish behind my shoulders.
it all becomes so clear:
The tea set is a liar,
   it never meant to serve tea
      to anyone,
         least of all   me,
      - and I am mad, mad, mad.

10 Dec 09

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great poem-
I like the structure--
really works well with the content...
nice work
 — JKWeb

Thank you :)
 — sweetirade

You are gifted.  I don't know how I haven't come across you until now.
The imagery of L10-14 is especially breathtaking.
 — aurelius

You are good,good, good. I love this writing. Sharp, unexpected, my idea of how to write what it feels like to have to live .
 — crimsonkiss