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Bird Man

for starr

The pigeons
of Congress Square
from red brick perches
to light on leathered limbs,
receiving their daily bread,
the bread of understanding—
the truth behind
For a moment,
the heart of the city
pulses with joy.

18 Dec 09

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LOL!  LOVE this!  Thank you, WHOEVER YOU ARE!  xoxo!
 — starr

You're welcome starr and I decided to put my name on this :)
 — PaulS

pretty nice reflection
 — DeformedLion

Thanks DL, much appreciated.
 — PaulS

Excellent!  This is not only about the birds but shows a real understanding of a fellow-poet's heart.  
 — Isabelle5

Paul, thanks!  A sweet little tribute to Da Flock from Da Block!  :-)
 — starr

Thank you Isabelle.  I really value that comment.
starr--you're welcome again :)
 — PaulS

there's obviously a connection between pauls and starr.
not sure if alight was the intended word in L5
but light works almost as well.
i enjoyed the 3rd verse muchly
it has more than one meaning for me.
a nice poem to have someone write for you.
 — billy423uk

nice poem and tribute-
my only suggestion
would be to omit 'their' from line 6...
what do you think?
other than that, good write
 — JKWeb

Thanks for the feedbac billy.  I thought of using alight but I think light itself carries a double meaning.
JK, thanks for reading.  I have read this several time with and without "their" and like it better with.
 — PaulS

billy, you have to understand that Starr is the Bird Man where he lives, he has a flock of wild pigeons that land on him and he can ride his bike with them on his shoulders, head, hands...ask him to send a picture, it's really very cool.
 — Isabelle5

The truth will come to light or lets say the truth will out... Merchant of Venice
PaulS you surely are the cornucopia of thoughts and wisdom behind them in your copious writings as you scan the range of subjects at p/c... first this then that ... you can't be put in a box... j.g. smiles
 — goeszon

Thanks for the gracious comment goeszon, it is much appreciated.
 — PaulS

Oh this is too darling. Very adorable ^^

Last stanza=beautiful.
 — laura352

S.T.B.Y. = Sucks To Be You.  Grow some balls and get a life.  :-)
 — starr

Well, the important people like starr. starr is a good writer. So whomever you may be, unknown, you're comments do not matter one bit.
 — laura352

I love it, too.  It's not mysterious, but plain in a soothing way.
 — aurelius

thank you laura352, I appreciate the sentiment.
 — PaulS

Thanks aurelius, I appreciate your take on this.
 — PaulS

Lovely elegy for the living.
 — NicMichaels

Thank you Nic--much appreciated.
 — PaulS

 — unknown

 — unknown