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Accidental Death

Translucent orbs
suspended on
shining desk tops
reflect immobile constellations
in reverse order
onto shallow ripples
of whiskey and dry.
Above hang Hydra,
Ursamine, Pyxis,
as glitter sprinkled
over defiled oceans.
Below, frantic drivers queue,
unnerved by
a horse drawn hearse,
skewed sideways,
hinting at other worlds
glimpsed in rear view mirrors.
a loose sphere collides
with a crumpled spread sheet.
revolving chair spins lazily,
propelled by ghostly force.
A spectral figure observes
as the ambulance leaves.
Crumpled cars are towed away.

14 Mar 04

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This is like the worst poem today...but for some odd, odd reason, I like it.
 — unknown

the title makes me think of the rilo kiley song and that pits my judgment against you because this poem has nothing to do with it.

but there is probably no connection at all.

it's almost too detailed, in its description, there is very little thinking in it for me, it's almost too cluttered.

i can't figure it out, i'm not very eloquent.

i wish i knew
 — ileviyou

now THAT was groovy...
L21-revolving,spins--is this redundant,or suitable?
armless chair, maybe
i dunno
well done...
one of the few posts of this site i truly enjoyed, start to finish
 — chuckles

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